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August 11, 2006

Singapore Dreaming

Singapore Dreaming” ( 美满人生 ) is a story about a family with big dreams, living on a small island.
Heavily in debt, patriarch Loh Poh Huat can’t help but feel bitter irony whenever he has to perform his job as a lawyer’s clerk – seizing goods from the homes of credit card debtors. At the end of his career and frustrated by the gulf between his middle class dreams and his working class reality, he takes his feelings of failure and envy out on his family .
So when Poh Huat suddenly wins two million dollars in the lottery, the Lohs start believing that maybe this windfall will deliver them from their struggles. But something happens which pitches the family into a battle where the stakes are the very meaning of life itself…
“ Singapore Dreaming” is a poignant, yet darkly humorous story about a typical Singaporean family coming to grips with their aspirations. It weaves a layered and moving tale about a family dealing with loss, ambition and the search for what really matters in life.

I like what both Colin and Yen Yen (who wrote, directed and produced the film) expressed in PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS, about how the movie came about. It sounds like a film that resonates from two passionate, thinking, dare-to-be different people who know what living is all about.

I identify pretty much with Yen Yen (albeit written 6 years ago - not much has changed?).

A Dream, on the other hand, carries you on its wings to worlds that your heart and mind have never known. - Yen Yen

I like local movies because they are often easy to identify often pull some heart's strings. I WANT TO WATCH Singapore Dreaming!

Once again, it reminds and reinforces what it takes to stand out, to follow our heart, to be different.

July 26, 2006

Gracious giving, gracious living ... (2)

I can't help but to find out how A would react to Donor C's response. Follow this link to read Part 1.

A was gracious to the condemning response.

A : My friend's father drives a van, which belongs to the company's. If you don't feel comfortable giving away, it's alright.

And hurray! Someone spoke up for the uncouth behaviour!!!

Donor S :

...... I really feel sad sometime when needy ask for things then get this kind of remark.
My father drives also and this is his rice bowl so please don't think drive mean rich.
Donation or charity is an uncondition action out of goodwill and if u don't feel that it is not worth doing it then don't do it.
I don't expect the person will repay me or what, I just want them to pay it forward. One day if they see someone helpless, then share what they can.

She said it right. It is all about paying it forward.

July 24, 2006

Gracious giving, gracious living ...

On a motherhood forum, there are people giving away or asking for things they need.

Today, I stumbled across this :

A : Appealing to all mummies out there on behalf of my friend... She just found out she's 4 1/2 mth preggie and has low income (less than $1K per mth). If you have anything to give away, or selling cheap, please let me know.

...... (couple of responses from willing donors)

then ...

Donor C : ..... just wanna check with you. Your friends has contacted me to arrange the pick up of some of my given away stuff, and she said her father will drive her to my place. Drive = got transport ritez? Yet still asking for give away stuff? No offense at all, just wanna make sure my stuff was given to ppl who really need it coz their financial low. As fyi, I dont even have my own transport and how I donate to ppl who is richer than me?

What ia gracious giving?

One down for mankind ....

July 21, 2006


For once, I decided to update my profile on the blog. This leads me to search my inner self, think about interests, movies and books. Ah, books! My latest book has been 'Prey', by Michael Crichton, which I picked up for 50p! And since I'm on books, I thought I would check out if I have indeed devoured all of his books which I rightly believed I have.

I'm not a sci-fi person, in fact, far from it. I did horribly for Science in secondary school, avoided teaching Science in a primary school and cope defeatedly with anything to do with science. Bascially, a woebegone-r!

Yet, I read almost all (so I found some I haven't read) of Michael Crichton's books. I loved his books to bits and pieces. I used to devour them within a day, the non-fiction ones are really bewitching. They are that easy and yes, THAT enthralling. The sci-fi ones are heavy, deeper but I love them. I learn snatches of science - time travels, nanotechnology, dinosaurs, linearity, complexity, chaos theory, among others; he connects to environment, the human factor. He simplifies the complicated in words but keeps the complexity of nature.

Now, I realise why I embrace his books. It is the human factor that he connects with science, with the environment in the un-intrusive, easy to understand yet deep manner. He puts them together, the way I can understand it. Learing about science through him, is like smuggling.

Check him out here, and oh, I leave it to you to decide on your views, least I 'have to see Crichton in court'! :P

July 19, 2006


I try to go GREEN as for as possible.

I try very hard to practise the 4 Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair.

By right, I should be spending more time on reducing and reusing but I am recycling more and that means I'm using a fair bit. I'm quite hopeless with repair but I leave that to my partner in life.

I chance upon the Toon Group in Newcastle and I think this is one of the best things that can ever happen! People in the community come together and pass things around freely to one another and the stuff do not (by right) leave the community and get passed around again and again. WOW! It is so active and alive with people who are genuinely willing to give away anything (and I mean ANYTHING, from a potted plant to a car!!!) to anyone who needs or has use for them!

I have received a couple of stuff and given away some, too. It can't be better as 'junk' do not get skipped easily and anyone might just have use for your 'junk'. How true! One man's junk and is another man's treasure!

It is surprising to find both Singapore and Malaysia having quite a number of members! Check out the countries into freecycling here!

is for everyone!

I will be part of freecycle wherever I go!

June 07, 2006

One of those days ....

It's one of those days again .... my list of things to do is overflowing, but the mind and the heart, they are just not in congruence. A presentation due next week, a 15 000 word dissertation in 2 months' time, a bath that needs scrubbing, totally disorganised, overflowing table, things all over the place, messy drawers, readings to catch up, the list goes on...

Even my ibook is giving up on me. It shows Thursday, 1 January, 1970. The weather is partly rainy at 12. I'm in a time warp, a time even before I existed.

This is how messed up everything is.

Even the weather is not helping. It is so scorchingly hot, akin to tropical weather! It almost drove me mad!

May 05, 2006

Appreciating a HOT day

It is a HOT day today, with temperature between 20-25. Everyone is out to enjoy the sun. Neighbours bring out their chairs and enjoy a nice tan just outside the doors. Normally closed doors are swung fully opened. Parks are teeming with people who appreciate a good, hot, sunny day. A beautiful sunny day lifts one's spirits readily in the normally overcast sky, often shrouded in clouds. What one takes so easily for granted in tropical countries where hot sunny days are groused about rather than embraced.

On beautiful hot days, cars with bicycles, or canoes, cars towing caravans, more people than usual on bicycles, are all easily sighted. The English certain know how to take delight in the simple pleasures of life.

And on a hot day, I spotted Jude and oh, how I miss her! The sheer enjoyment of having the wind in my face, the sun warming the skin, the sheer pleasure of losing yourself in a drive to nowhere, speeding and beating the drivers, with good musical accompaniment.

For that, I can drive on and on and on.....